Name:Dry Ice Wrapping Machine

  • Dry Ice Wrapping Machine

Product Description

Dry Ice Wrapping Machine DIW350



Our standard dry ice wrapping macine DIW350 is designed to wrap dry ice slices 95*95*25mm/125*105*25mm. It is suitable to work with our dry ice machine JHK500/JHK1000 or dry ice reformer JHR1800/JHR4000.


Unique Features

 Dual Inverter control - the length of bags is instant set,saving film and time.

 Positioning stop function -without sticking knife or wasting film.

 Independent temperature PID control- suitable for different package film.

 High sensitivity photoelectric eye color tracking - Digital input seal location which is more


 Easy maintenance - simple transmission system and more reliable performance.

 Computer control- parameters set easily, fault self diagnosis function.




Dry ice size: 95*95*25mm or 125*105*25mm     

Performance:  40-230 packs/minute

Film width: max 350 mm   

Bag Length: 120280mm or 65~190mm

            150~330mm or 90~220mm or specially extended type

Bag Width:   50160mm

Power supply :  220V,50/60HZ,2.6KVA

Overall dimension:  L4020*W745*H1450mm 

Weight :                850kg



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