Main advantages for dry ice blasting technology

Technically, dry ice cleaning technology  has the following advantages.

1. Do not handle blasting materials

2. Can also be used under power

3.Can be cleaned online

4. No material shrinkage-no wear

5. Dry ice particles can only remove dirt

6. Environmentally friendly, because there are no chemicals and solvents


In addition to the above advantages, the biggest advantage of dry ice cleaning technology is actually saving money. Why do you say that? The following ten points tell you.

1. Reduce machine downtime, can reduce up to 95%

2. Reduce the workload of tool maintenance in tool manufacturing

3. Machines and tools need no cooling and heating

4. Process can be restarted after a short time

5. Very short cleaning and machine downtime, thus minimizing the decomposition of particles in the cylinder

6. No detergent residue, so very low starting pressure

7. Ecological clean without chemicals

8. The cleaning process is not abrasive and can even clean polished surfaces

9. Hard-to-reach areas are easy to clean

10. A small tool opening path is sufficient

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