Sinocean co2 revert recovery system helps you save LIQUID CO2 cost

Sinocean is always responsible for our customer and during May 17 to May 21, we visited our customer's dry ice plant in indonesia where it installed our 300kg/hr co2 recovery plant. We find that it consumes around 1200kg liquid co2 when producing 1000kg dry ice. and our customer is very satisfied with this performance. He has two dry ice machines. now he only turns one unit so we have to adjust our co2 recovery plant to adapt to this small capacity. and if he turns on both dry ice machines, our co2 recovery plant can produce min.300kg/hr liquid co2 which is flow into co2 storage tank for reuse again. Many customers avoid to invest co2 recovery plant because he thinks it is expensive compared with dry ice machine. However it is necessary to have it if liquid co2 is expensive at your place because it really saves your money.
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