Name:Dry Ice Pellet Packaging Machine DIW600

  • Dry Ice Pellet Packaging Machine DIW600

Product Description

Dry Ice Pellet Packaging Machine DIW600


Description for the packaging system

1. The dry ice pellets will fall in the large dip angle conveyor ,the large dip angle convey equipped with one vibration feeder and a 60L small hopper;

2. The large dip angle conveyor will feed dry ice to the hopper of WH5000 double heads weighing machine;

3. WH5000 double heads weighing machine begin to weigh the ice at the target weight and fill ice to packing machine;

4. DIW600 packaging machine automatically realize functions of bag-making, filling,sealing,printing, counting, cutting, etc.

5. Take-off conveyor will convey out the finished bags


Unique Features

All of the components adopts international famous brand, PLC is SIEMENSE, servo motor is PANASONIC, touch screen is SIEMENSE, cylinder and air valve is AIRTAC /SMC, temperature controller is OMRON.


As the sealing system of the packing machine use laminated film and PE film is different, we adopts the OMRON temperature controller for sealing the laminated film at a constant temperature




Metering capacity: Max 10KG/bag

Packing speed: 5-12bags/min for 5kg~10kg pack

Bag type: pillow bag  

Bag material: laminated film (Please confirm if you use PE film)

Max.outer diameter of reelФ600 mm
ID of packaging paper coreФ75 mm
Bag size(Max):850*535mm(L*W)

Power source: 380V 50/60Hz ,3 phase
Compressed air requirement: 0.6 MPa 0.36 M3/min 



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