Name:Dry Ice Blasting Machine JHQ370

  • Dry Ice Blasting Machine JHQ370

Product Description

JHQ370 Dry Ice Blasting Machine for Auto Repair Shop

Popular portable dry ice cleaning machine for car carbon deposition, use the most advanced dry ice pneumatic mixing feeding system at present, the industry's unique quick-change rollers can be matched with different nozzles, can realize the rapid cleaning of carbon deposits in gasoline and diesel engines, the equipment is equipped with large flow pressure regulation valve which can adjust the pressure in real time, aiming at the carbon deposition in the automobile piston, the carbon deposition in the intake port, the engine room, wheel hubs, chassis, interiors, electrical pipes and other components are cleaned in an all-round way without damaging the components, achieving the purpose of cleaning and maintenance of he high value cars.




Dry ice capacity: 13kg

Dry ice size:  Ф1- Ф3mm

Feed rate: 0.1-1.2kg/min

Air supply pressure range: 1-8.5 bar

Air consumption: 0.5-4 m3/min

Weight: 55kg

Dimension: 600*400*850mm

Power supply: 220V/50Hz, single phase


Standard accessories:

Air hose:  1 pc

Blast hose:  1pc

Applicator: 1 pc

Applicator control cable: 1 pc

Nozzle: 5 pcs

Safety kit: 1 set

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