How to make food grade CO2 from waste gas of oil producing company ?

Sinocean is professional in co2 recovery plant from different gas sources. and here is one example to explain how the co2 is recovered to produced to meet ISBT standard food grade liquid co2 for our customer:

From customers gas source, the water content is 10.55%, and the CO2 content is 90%. The flow is 3083M3 per hour. Based on the CO2 recovery rate greater than 95%, and the annual operating time of 8,000 hours, the annual output of the gas source is 41,000 tons.


When the gas source enters the boundary area of the co2 recovery equipment, a low-temperature R507 cooler is designed to reduce the temperature of the raw material gas to about 10°C, so that a large amount of gaseous water in the raw gas is condensed into liquid water which is separated from the subsequent water separation tank. The water content in the gas is reduced to 1.25%. This is beneficial to protect the compressor valve plate and piston ring, and can also reduce the water absorption burden of the subsequent drying bed.


After the raw gas is pressurized to 2.6MPa, the liquefaction of gaseous CO2 requires a low-temperature refrigerant at -20°C. This set of co2 recovery equipment is equipped with a screw type R507 chiller, which can meet the requirements of liquefaction cooling capacity. No backup.


There is 0.135% H2S in the raw material gas, which is very high. It is purified and removed by the self-developed H2S adsorbent with large adsorption capacity and high selectivity. The desulfurizer can be regenerated with heated air and used repeatedly.


The feed gas of this project contains about 16 kinds of alkanes and aromatics, which are combustible impurities. So we decide to select the catalytic combustion method. Under the action of catalyst and oxygen, combustible light hydrocarbons and aromatics are oxidized into CO2 and H2O, and the generated H2O is absorbed and removed in the subsequent drying bed. The oxidation catalyst we use is a bimetallic active component, which is superior to traditional palladium catalysts.

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