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Product Description

Our standard dry ice production line JHK1000 includes one unit dry ice pelletizer machine JH1000, one unit dry ice reformer machine JHR4000 and complete necessary accessories to achieve auto production of dry ice slices 125*105*25mm/95*95*20mm/210*125*25mm.


Our auto packing system includes automatic feeding line and dry ice wrapping machine. The feeding line is specially designed for connecting dry ice reformer machine and dry ice wrapping machine and make sure dry ice flow smoothly and evenly. When there is ice coming out from dry ice reformer, it will automatically deliver ice to ice packing machine. At least it can save 3 workers in dry ice factory. By connecting with dry ice wrapping machine, you can achieve auto dry ice packing. 


Our dry ice wrapping machine will specially install hole puncher in order to discharge gas inside dry ice package. If you need packing films, we can offer together with printing your company logo.

Parameters for JH1000


Dry ice size :       Ф3mm to Ф19mm

Production capacity:  1000kg/h

Dry ice density:      ≥1.50 g/c

Raw materials: liquid co2 in storage tank, water content is less than 30ppm

Conversion rate:     45%

Motor Power :      30 kw

Oil Tank  :         500L

Power supply :      380v/50Hz,3p

Liquid co2 inlet pressure:  ≤2.5MPA

Liquid co2 inlet pipe:    Ф25mm

Co2 gas discharge pipe:  2*Ф70mm

Overall dimension:   2600*1800*1950mm

Weight :            4000kg

Parameters for JHR4000


Dry ice size :       125*105*(10-60)mm

Production capacity:  800-1200kg/h

Dry ice density:      ≥1.50t/m³

Raw materials: 3mm pellets

Conversion rate:     98%

Motor Power :      11 kw

Oil Tank  :         200L

Power supply :      380v/50Hz,3p

Liquid co2 inlet pressure:  ≤2.1MPA

Co2 gas discharge pipe:  Ф65mm

Overall dimension:   2150*1200*1800mm

Weight :            1200kg

Parameters for feeding line

Motor: 400w, variable frequency

Dry ice size: 125*105*25mm

Speed: 20-100 pcs/min, adjustable

Air source pipe: 8mm diameter

Power supply: 220V/1P/50Hz

Machine size: L3000*W550*850mm, adjustable

The construction material shall be a low temperature resistant material suitable for dry ice.



Parameters for dry ice wrapping machine


Dry ice size :   125*105*25 mm/95*95*20mm/210*125*25mm

Performance:   20-100packs/minute

Film width:      max. 400mm

Bag length:     120~320mm

Bag Width:      50-180mm

Powder supply:  220V,50/60Hz, 2.4kw

Machine size:    L3500*W720*H1450mm

Machine weight:  850kgs

Panasonic double motors, variable frequency, Bag length is set and cut

PLC control with touch screen, Fault self-diagnostic function.

High-sensitivity photoelectric eye color mark tracking to make the sealing and cutting position more accurate.

PIC / servo programming can realize air defense bag, anti-cutting material, coding, quantitative stop

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