Name:C³ Dry Ice Blasting Machine

  • C³  Dry Ice Blasting Machine

Product Description

Special C³ Dry Ice Blasting Machine

Used for precision cleaning.

Special ice shaving technology cut dry ice blocks into micro particles and blast on precision cleaning surface through high speed nozzles. Popular used for cleaning complex cavities, crevices, delicate surface and deburring etc.



Automatic control using touch screen

Auto pneumatic ice feeding way

Patented ice shaving technology



Dry ice capacity: 8kg

Dry ice size: 150*150*280mm

Feed rate: 0-0.6kg/min

Air supply pressure range: 3-10 bar

Air consumption: 1-4 m3/min

Weight: 60kg

Dimension: 690*400*510mm

Power supply: 220V/50Hz, single phase


Standard accessories:

Air hose: 1/2 inch, 6m long, 1 pc

Blast hose: 3/8 inch, 4m long, 1pc

Applicator: 1 pc

Applicator control cable: 1 pc

Straight Nozzle: 1 pc

Safety kit: 1 pc

Mobility cart: 1 pc

Optional nozzles




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