Transfer Stretcher Trolley

Name:Transfer Stretcher Trolley
Model No.:BES-S03
Operation:Manual crank
Side rail:PP side rail

  • Transfer Stretcher Trolley

Product Description

Transfer Stretcher Trolley

Main parts include:
Bed Body: bed plate, mattress, side rails, oxygen cylinder holder,

Base Frame: four central lock castors, one directional castor

Crank: components of crank. 


1. bed frame     2. bed head plate    3. oxygen cylinder holder   4. side rail  

 5. central lock castor   6. directional castor   7. crank  


1. The product is mainly used for the patient transfer, rescue and nursing.

2. The stretcher height can be adjusted with crank at 570~860mm.

3. The bed head plate can be adjusted at 0~60°, controlled by the independent gas spring.

4. Foldable side rails facilitate transferring, cleaning, and nursing.

5. The stretcher is equipped with central lock castors. Step on the brake pedal to stop all central lock castors. Step on the directional pedal, the directional castor in the middle works to guide the direction during moving.

6. The oxygen cylinder holder is installed to place the oxygen cylinder when the patient needs oxygen. 

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