Name:Dry Ice Wrapping Machine

  • Dry Ice Wrapping Machine

Product Description

Dry Ice Wrapping Machine 



Our standard dry ice wrapping macine is designed to wrap dry ice slices 95*95*25mm/125*105*25mm/125*210*50mm. It is suitable to work with our dry ice machine JHK500/JHK1000 or dry ice reformer JHR1800/JHR4000.


Unique Features

 Dual Inverter control - the length of bags is instant set,saving film and time.

 Positioning stop function -without sticking knife or wasting film.

 Independent temperature PID control- suitable for different package film.

 High sensitivity photoelectric eye color tracking - Digital input seal location which is more


 Easy maintenance - simple transmission system and more reliable performance.

 Computer control- parameters set easily, fault self diagnosis function.

Our dry ice wrapping machine will specially install hole puncher in order to discharge gas inside dry ice package. If you need packing films, we can offer together with printing your company logo.




Dry ice size: 95*95*25mm or 125*105*25mm or 210*125*25mm   

Performance:  40-200 packs/minute

Film width: max 400 mm   

Bag Length: 150~330mm or specially extended type

Bag Width:   50180mm

Power supply :  220V,50/60HZ,2.6KVA

Overall dimension:  L4020*W745*H1450mm 

Weight :                850kg



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