Name:30 m3 CO2 Storage Tank

  • 30 m3 CO2 Storage Tank

Product Description



SINOCEAN Vacuum Insulated CO2 Storage Tanks include a high quality perlite vacuum insulation. These CO2 storage tanks are available as horizontal or vertical storage versions and are constructed in various standard sizes.



1. Design pressure(inner/outer): 23bar/-1bar

2. MAWP(inner/outer): 22bar/-1bar

3. Design temperature(inner/outer): -40/50 C

4. Full capacity: 31.58 m3

5. Effective capacity: 30 m3

6. Construction materials: inner barrel is made of 16MnDR CS, outer barrel is made of

   Q245R CS

7. Media for inner vessel: liquid co2

8. Media of jacket: Perlite insulation

9. Cold Stretch test: yes, Helium inleak test: yes, Cold shock test: yes

10. Outgass&leakage of vacuum degree: <3 Pa

10. Exworks pressure of inner vessel: 0.2bar

11. Shipping dimension:mm(W*H*L): 2900*3050*8960mm

12. Equipment Weight(kg): 26097kg

13. Piping material: S30408 SS

Fill and discharge line connection: Flange/valve






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