2020 first order from south africa

actually this is second order from our south africa customer who produce dry ice pellets  and dry ice blocks. last year he ordered a dry ice pelletizer from us. due to good performance, we win his trust, so he decide to order a dry ice wrapping machine and wrapping films from us for his existing dry ice block machine. we discussed carefully about his requirement to pack different sizes 125*105*25mm, 125*210*25mm and 125*210*60mm by one machine. then our engineer customized his needs and offered our DIW450 dry ice packaging machine with following features:

Dual Inverter control - the length of bags is instant set,saving film and time.

Positioning stop function -without sticking knife or wasting film.

Independent temperature PID control- suitable for different package film.

High sensitivity photoelectric eye color tracking - Digital input seal location which is more


Easy maintenance - simple transmission system and more reliable performance.

Computer control- parameters set easily, fault self diagnosis function.

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