Fuel combustion CO2 production plant working principle

SINOCEAN carbon dioxide production plant is working based on various fuels such as diesel, heavy oil, kerosene, and natural which go through process of combustion, washing, absorption, analysis, and separation. The CO2 system adopts centralized control to make sure all the safety and stability. All instruments and meters are pre-installed in the skids, which is convenient for transportation and reduces on-site installation and commissioning time.

Our Carbon dioxide production plant output: 25-1000 kg/hr, other capacity will be designed separately.

The system is based on the principle of MEA cooling absorption and heating analysis. The flue gas is first cleaned and cooled by lye to remove sulfur dioxide, and then the flue gas enters the MEA absorption tower for absorption through the flue gas fan, and the residual gas is discharged into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide turns into rich liquid and passes through the rich-poor heat exchanger for energy recovery, and then enters the desorption tower to decompose carbon dioxide. After the MEA in the desorption tower releases carbon dioxide, it becomes a lean liquid, which enters the rich-poor heat exchanger through the lean liquid pump for energy recovery. The lean liquid is cooled and returned to the absorption tower for absorption, completing the cycle.

The carbon dioxide gas released from the desorption tower is cooled by the carbon dioxide cooler, and enters the potassium permanganate tower for purification. The purified carbon dioxide gas is compressed to 16bar by two-stages carbon dioxide compressor, dehydrated and dried to the dew point of -60°C, and then passed through activated carbon Absorb odor, and then cool to -30°C through a carbon dioxide tube heat exchanger for liquefaction.

Matching carbon dioxide tube heat exchanger liquefaction refrigerator uses freon R404A as the refrigerant to automatically control the carbon dioxide liquefaction temperature.
Liquefied carbon dioxide is liquefied into an perlited insulated carbon dioxide storage tank for storage.

Example: Production capacity: 40TPD consumption
Electricity: 400 KW/H
Potassium permanganate: 0.44 kg/hr
Cooling water: 1.50 m3/hr
Water consumption of washing tower: 0.01 m3/hr
Steam: Pressure: 4-5bar
Temperature: 170-180℃
Steam volume: 2,100kg/hr
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