what equipment do you need to make dry ice ?

Many customers would like to make their own dry ice used for dry ice blasting, cooling refrigerated items and airline catering etc. but they have no experience on dry ice manufacturing. actually it is simple to start making your own dry ice. If you have a co2 tank, then connect the co2 tank to  sinocean dry ice machine, connect electricity and add hydraulic oil, you can start the dry ice machine immediately. for many new customers, sinocean suggest the first thing they need to know is to find a LCO2 supplier locally. if they have stable LCO2 supply, then it is an easy thing to make dry ice. sinocean can supply different dry ice machines including dry ice pelletizer, dry ice block machine, dry ice reformer, dry ice wrapping machine, dry ice boxes and CO2 recovery plant etc. total turkey solution for dry ice factories. welcome to contact via email: lisa.zhu@sinocean.ltd or whatsapp 008615837168959.
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