Name:Dry Ice Pelletizer JHN300

  • Dry Ice Pelletizer JHN300

Product Description

Dry Ice Pelletizer JHN300



The Pelletizer JHN300 Use new ice making technology and greatly improves ice making efficiency. It is a a fully automatic dry ice production equipment with one-button start. It is an affordable dry ice machine If you want to produce your dry ice pellets/nuggets used for dry ice blasting, low temperature fresh keeping, cold chain transport and smoke effect for stage and food etc.



Dry ice size :       Ф3mm, Ф16mm

Production capacity:  280-300kg/h

Dry ice density:      ≥1.50t/m³

Raw materials: liquid co2 in storage tank, water content is less than 20 ppm

Conversion rate:     40%

Motor Power :      8kw

Oil Tank  :        160L

Power supply :      380v/50Hz, 3P

Liquid co2 inlet pressure:  ≤2.1MPA

Liquid co2 inlet pipe:    2*Ф17mm

Co2 gas discharge pipe:  4*Ф45mm

Overall dimension:    1650*1200*1680mm

Weight :            1200kg


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