1000kg/hr dry ice pelleitzer is shipping to Singapore

We shipped 1 unit of dry ice pelletizer with capacity 1000kgs/hr dry ice pellets to Singapore today.

Model: JH1000

Production capacity:  1000kg/h

Dry ice density:       ≧1.50t/m³

Raw materials:       liquid co2 in storage tank, water content is less than 30 ppm

Conversion rate:     ≧42%

Motor Power :       22kw

Oil Tank  :          350L

Power supply :       380v/60Hz, 3p 

Liquid co2 inlet pressure:  ≤2.1MPA

Liquid co2 inlet diameter:    Ф25

Exhaust pipe diameter:     2* Ф80

Overall dimension:   2150*1500*1950mm

Weight :            2500kg



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