Carbon dioxide is an important by-product of beer fermentation. during the main fermentation process, the CO2 is concentrated discharged in large quantity with good quality. and recovery of this CO2 will not only guarantee the product quality but also reduce production costs. CO2 recovery capacity is different due to different original wort concentration, different wort composition, and different degree of fermentation; the higher the co2 recovery capacity, the more content of reducing sugar and the higher fermentation degree. for example, one beer factory produces beer 220000 tons/year and normally 180000 tons CO2 can be recovered. Assuming annual beer output is 180000 tons, total around 3600 tons CO2 can be recovered which basically meet CO2 amount required for this beer factory. we recommend 500kg/hr CO2 recovery plant which will recover 12 ton CO2 per day. The basic process is 1. the co2 gas from the fermenter passes through the collection pipe gas from the fermenter passes through the collection pipe first and enters the foam trap to remove the foam. 2. then go to scrubber where most of ethyl alcohol is removed. 3. the washed gas go to CO2 gas ballon and after enter CO2 compressor 4. compressed gas go to dual active carbon filter and dual tower drier  5. then go to CO2 condenser to liquefy with a chiller  6, finally liquid CO2 goes into CO2 storage tank for reuse  7 to get higher purity CO2, add a puriter please and you can get CO2 purity 99.999%. if you have interest in SINOCEAN CO2 recovery plant, pls contact via email: lisa.zhu@sinocean.ltd or whatsapp 0086 158 3716 8959.
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