how to save liquid co2 for dry ice production

How to save liquid CO2 for dry ice production ? as we know, especially during the COVID time, lack of liquid co2 is common in many countries. and many customers ask SINOCEAN for CO2 revert gas system in order to save liquid co2 cost. without CO2 revert gas system, around 2.4 to 2.5kg CO2 produce 1 kg dry ice; with CO2 revert gas system, around 1.2kg CO2 produce 1 kg dry ice. let's say, it will save 1300kg CO2 for every 1000kg dry ice production. if CO2 price is 1.5USD/kg, it will save 1950 USD. so for a middle sized dry ice factory, they will certainly considered a CO2 revert gas system ! if you have such need, welcome to contact via email or whatsapp 0086 158 3716 8959.
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